The first and most important "natural law" expressed by Hahnemann, the one from which homeopathy derives its name, is similia similibus curentur—let like cure like. This means that the appropriate substance to treat a disease is one which induces similar symptoms in a healthy person.



homoeopathic medicines


What are the sources of homoeopathic medicines?
Each homeopathic remedy originates from a any one of a huge variety of substances of natural or man-made origin. Remedies can be prepared from various minerals, from plants, from animal products, from synthetic chemicals, and even from sources of radiation such as x-ray.

The homoeopathic medicines are prepared from a wide range of natural sources. Over 75% of the medicines origin from the vegetable kingdom, i.e. flowers, roots, leaves and the juice.

Certain chemicals and minerals are also used to prepared certain medicines. For instance, sulfuric acid, nitric acid. Most of the minerals and metals are used as a source of medicine, such as gold, silver, zinc, tin, iron and so on.

Some microbes, bacteria, virus are also used to prepare a special group of medicines (called Nosode), for instance, influenza virus, bacteria which produce tuberculosis, etc. Some body secretion such as the hormones (thyroid hormone, for instance) also find place in the wide source- place.

Animal kingdom has a special place in the homoeopathy pharmacy and homoeopathy medicines are prepared from the animal sources almost in an nonviolent technique. Some insects such as Spanish fly (Apis Mellifica) and certain animal products such as the venom of Cobra snake (Naja) are used in unique manner.

How are the homoeopathic medicines prepared
The revolutionary method of drug preparation in homoeopathy, called as Potentization, utilizes a very minute quantity of the original drug substance.

A very small portion of any substance, say a drop of Surukuku snake venom, as one part, is mixed with 99 parts of alcohol or distilled water. Some powerful strokes are give to this mixture of about 100 drops/ml. It makes so called 1c potency. Now, out of this 100 drops, one drop is taken and mixed with 99 drops of alcohol, again to undergo the process of vigorous strokes, making the potency 2c. The process is continued higher level up to 30c, 200c, 1000c, 10000c, 50000c and 100000c.

No material, only the medicinal power...
As you can realize, there is infinitesimal original drug substance in the higher potency medicines. Actually it crosses the Avogadro's limit. There is no detectable material in the potency higher than 24. What is left behind is the power or energy of the medicine. One may call it dynamic power, which is capable to induce definite changes in the body system to bring about the healing process.

Absolutely safe and non-toxic:
As you can see that the special method of homeopathic medicines render them absolute free from any toxic substance in it. The medicines thus are absolutely safe and free from any side effects. They are safe for even babies and pregnant women.

Samuel Hahnemann (the founder of homeopathy) prepared his first homeopathic remedies from substances that were in medicinal use at the time: chemicals such as mercury, silver, and sulphur; plants such as Belladonna and quinine; and animal products such as musk. By the time of his death in 1843 Hahnemann had prepared around 99 remedies.

Homeopaths that followed him have expanded the selection of remedies to well over 1000, preparing many remedies also from many more chemical and plant sources, from animal sources such as snake poisons, from microogranisms, and from various synthetic chemicals.


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